Feature Creep – Our the GPS Tracking System that Ate All My Time

When people consider a GPS Fleet Management solution, one thing they spend a great deal of time assessing are the features and functions the system provides. There are features that are without a doubt valuable and helpful to an organization. But in an effort to dazzle potential customers with features, many systems lose sight of what we at Linxup.com believe is the most important feature of all – ease of use.

Do you have time to develop a PHD in your GPS tracking system? Do you have time to take away from your business for online demos and training? We understand that the number one feature businesses need from the GPS fleet management system is the ability to see where their vehicles are – period. It seems so obvious, but it’s the 90/10 rule. 90 percent of users only use 10 percent of the features or functions in a software or system.

That’s why Linxup.com focuses on ensuring that the 10 percent of features and functions that are the only ones the vast majority of customers need are fast, easy and intuitive. With Linxup.com, you get a simple plug-in installation and a Web interface that’s so intuitive we almost never have to talk to our users. They plug it in, log in and they are tracking with a snap of their fingers. Ease of use – we don’t just give it lip service – we believe it’s our competitive advantage. Learn more at Linxup.com.

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GPS Tracking Devices – The Power of the Plug

A couple of short years ago, the GPS tracking landscape shifted significantly. Prior to the shift, if you wanted to put GPS tracking in your vehicles, your only option was an expensive “black box” solution that typically cost $1,000 or more per vehicle and required a lengthy and difficult installation. That all changed with the introduction of the OBD-II tracking device. These small devices that plug directly in under the dash ushered in a new, low-cost era for GPS tracking that enabled smaller and mid-size business to take advantage of GPS tracking.

Today’s OBD GPS trackers can be purchased for less than $100, and with the easy install GPS tracking can be rolled out quickly and easily. The devices continue to evolve, with some devices including accelerometers to determine changes in vehicle direction and velocity.

If you’ve been considering GPS tracking, but thought it was simply out of your price range, think again. We’ve entered a golden age for GPS tracking, so why not bring the benefits to your business? Learn more at Linxup.com.

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Driver Safety – One of the Key Benefits of GPS Fleet Management

If you run a business that has to operate vehicles, then you know the challenges. Fuel is expensive, insurance is expensive, vehicles are expensive and you have to trust that your drivers are making their best effort to operate the vehicles safely.

With the introduction of today’s advanced GPS tracking solutions such as Linxup.com, companies today can at least reduce one of those worries. Using GPS data coupled with internal accelerometers Linxup allows you to monitor, measure and correct unsafe driving habits such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding and more.

You no longer have to take your driver’s word for it that they drive safely and prudently. So what are you waiting for? A GPS fleet management solution such as Linxup.com can help to increase your ease of mind.

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ingdeGPS Fleet Tracking – Mobile Apps are Key to Flexible & Effective Use

One of the number one requests from users of GPS fleet management and GPS fleet tracking systems is the ability to view vehicle locations on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. There are different approaches that can be taken to deliver this ability. They include:

  1. Developing the system so that it can be viewed on a mobile browser.
  2. Writing an app in HTML5, a newer Web protocol designed to deliver this ability.
  3. Writing native apps for Android and iOS, today’s two leading mobile operating systems.

At Linxup.com, we’ve investigated and experimented with each approach. Today, we are confident that we provide the solution customers want in the most powerful and flexible way – through native apps. The shortcoming with number 1 is that what looks good on a desktop browser is difficult to ensure a quality experience on the myriad device sizes and interfaces.

We’ve developed HTML5 versions as well, and while the technology is promising, it is not yet ready for primetime (Interesting note: Facebook took a similar approach with HTML5, but quickly moved away. Mark Zuckerburg called the move to use HTML5, “The biggest mistake we’ve ever made.”).

That leaves native apps. They are fast, they can quickly be customized and they provide the strongest experience for users. At Linxup.com, we don’t rest on our laurels, and we are always striving to ensure that Linxup is the easiest, most affordable and reliable GPS tracking system available.

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Great Features Added to Linxup GPS Tracking Devices

A Brand New Alert – No Signal

One of the top requests we’ve received was the ability to receive an alert if a Linxup GPS device gets unplugged or stops tracking. Go to the Alerts Setup section of the site and you can configure a brand new – No Signal Alert. When a GPS device stops reporting for more than 12 hours, you can receive an email alerting you that a GPS vehicle tracking device has stopped reporting. Until the GPS tracking device reporting is restored, you will receive a follow-up alert every 12 hours.

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LinxUp GPS Tracking is having its Biggest Sale Ever!

We’re offering Linxup GPS vehicle tracking devices for only $99.99 – that’s our lowest price ever. But hurry, because this offer for GPS car trackers is only good until Thanksgiving. Visit www.linxup.com and order now!







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LinxUp Vehicle Tracking is Now Available in Canada

LinxUp GPS vehicle tracking devices are now available for purchase for GPS tracking vehicles in Canada. The LinxUp GPS trackers have the same features as the LinxUp vehicle tracking devices for the US. The LinxUp car tracking devices for the US will only work in the US and the same goes for the LinxUp Canada GPS tracking devices will only work in Canada

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LinxUp Real Time Vehicle Tracking Now has Dispatching

Do you ever need to know where the closest LinxUp vehicle tracking device is when a customer calls in with an emergency? LinxUp vehicle tracking has added the ability to search for the closest LinxUp GPS tracker on the map. You just search by the address you want to send the driver to and a pop up box will show the LinxUp GPS trackers based on their distance with an ETA of how long it will take them to get the searched location. The search will also provide a link to show the most efficient route for the driver to take to the location. LinxUp vehicle tracking with dispatching will improve customer service by finding the closest driver to a location and save fuel by providing the fastest route.

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GPS Tracking Helps to Prevent Vehicle Theft

One of the fringe benefits of installing a GPS fleet tracking device vehicle is it provides great insurance in the case where a vehicle is stolen. The low profile nature of today’s GPS trackers means that most thieves won’t even notice that the device is in the vehicle. At Linxup, the company has been involved in more than one incident where a vehicle was stolen and then recovered quickly due to being able to identify the exact location of the stolen car or truck. GPS tracking, it might just put an end to vehicle theft.

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LinxUp Real-Time Vehicle Tracking adds Groups

LinxUp vehicle tracking has added the ability to group the GPS vehicle tracking devices in the web-portal by groups. The user has the ability to view all of the GPS trackers at once or view just the specific GPS trackers that are in the selected group. A group gives the end user the ability to focus on the specific GPS tracking devices in the selected group for faster management of the GPS trackers.
Learn more about GPS Fleet Tracking by visiting Linxup Website.

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3 More Reasons Companies are Using GPS Fleet Tracking

This entry continues our discussion of the different ways companies are benefiting from and applying GPS fleet tracking solutions. So, without further ado, three more reasons for GPS Fleet Tracking:

  1. Reduce Liability Risk and Safe Driving. Today’s GPS fleet tracking systems such as the Linxup system give a company useful reports on safe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration. Quickly identifying and coaching problem drivers can lead to a reduction in accidents and liability risk.
  2. Increase Productivity. GPS tracking is a great tool for monitor worker performance. Reporting data allows you to identify the average amount of time personnel spend at job sites. Look at how efficient workers are. The outcome is increased productivity.
  3. Enhance Communication. GPS fleet tracking can be a powerful tool to enhance communication and coordination between your field workers and the front office.
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GPS Fleet Tracking – 3 Ways Companies are Applying the Technology

With the rise in affordable GPS tracking devices for vehicles, more and more businesses are finding the solution within their reach. And with more users, are coming a variety of valuable ways to apply GPS tracking to benefit a business. Below are five strong reasons for an organization to consider a GPS fleet tracking solution.

  1. Improve accountability and oversight. Before GPS tracking systems came along, when a company sent an employees out in company-owned vehicle they had to take it on faith that the vehicle was being used safely, properly and when and where the company requested. This is perhaps the primary reason for using GPS fleet tracking.
  2. Create efficiencies. Dispatching and keeping track of your vehicles out on the road prior to GPS tracking required a variety of less than optimal approaches. Phone calls, check-ins, daily schedules were all means of attempting to keep everyone were they were needed. A GPS fleet tracking system allows a central office to direct the troops with efficiency previously unavailable.
  3. Gain Fuel Savings. A quality GPS fleet tracking system will provide you data and reports to monitor vehicle speed and idle times. Working closely with employees, you can greatly improve and reduce fuel usage in your fleet.
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Using GPS Fleet Tracking to Monitor Your Vehicles? How Accurate is it?

GPS tracking is a powerful tool that businesses are putting to use in a myriad of ways. But just how accurate is GPS tracking? The easiest answer is that most of the time, it’s pretty darn accurate with some caveats. GPS is owned and operated by the United States Government as a national resource. Prior to the year 2000, GPS for non-defense purposes was much less accurate. The precision of civilian services was only 100 meters (330 feet). This was called Selective Availability. Selective Availability was removed in 2000, moving the accuracy of civilian GPS to 20 meters (66ft). In practice, civilian GPS is accurate to within about 10-50 feet 95% of the time.

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Linxup Vehicle Tracking 4th of July Special: Buy a GPS Tracking Device & Get a Free Month!

Now is the perfect time to buy a Linxup GPS vehicle tracking device. We are giving away a Free Month of Service on all new GPS tracking devices purchases made by July 3rd. Buy any number of new vehicle tracking devices, and you will receive a free month of service on each. Order Now!

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Installing Your Plug In Linxup GPS Tracking Device

The Linxup GPS Tracking device is easy to install.

  1.  First unpack the LinxUp GPS tracking device.
  2. Locate the OBDII connector in your vehicle (the connector is located under the dash and is required to be within two feet of the steering wheel). If you cannot locate the OBDII connector, please reference your vehicle’s owner manual.
  3. Plug the Linxup vehicle tracking device into the OBDII connector in your vehicle. The first time you plug-in the device, you will need to start your car in order for the Linxup GPS tracking to start and for your vehicle to show up in the Linxup Web site.
  4. Once your device is installed, login to the Linxup vehicle tracking Web site. You should see your car’s location on the Linxup gps vehicle tracking Web site map.
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LinxUp HD GPS vehicle Tracking Wiring Instructions

Prepare for the GPS Tracker Installation.

To prepare for the GPS vehicle tracking installation you will need to:

• Review product and parts: Your shipping package should include the Linxup GPS tracking device complete with a wiring harness.

• Research your vehicle: Through your owner’s manual or online obtain the wiring diagram for the MAKE / MODEL / YEAR of your vehicle.

• Gather needed tools/parts: Needed tools may include:

Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers and Cutters, Crimping Tool, Voltmeter, Zip Ties, and Velcro Strips.

Install the GPS Vehicle Tracking Device.

Wiring the GPS tracking device into a vehicle is an easy installation. The Linxup vehicle tracking wired device has a series of wires, you will only need to attach three of these wires to your vehicle (the additional wires are for future features or functions). The three wires you need are: the Red Wire (Power), the longer of the two Black Wires (Ground) and the White Wire (IGNITION SENSE). Follow these steps to install the device:

1. Find the constant Red Power Wire in your vehicle. Cut and strip this wire.

2. Cut and strip the Red Wire on the Linxup GPS device.

3. Connect the two Red Wires and crimp. This connection provides power to the device.

4. Strip the Black Wire on the Linxup GPS device.

5. Connect the Linxup Black Wire to your vehicle’s chassis. This connection serves as a ground for the device.

6. Locate the vehicle’s ignition wire (reference the vehicle’s wiring diagram in order to locate).

7. Verify the Ignition Wire by measuring the operating voltage while the key is turned to the ON or START

position (the voltage should read 0 VDC when the key is in the off position, and typically

between 11V and 14V when in the ON position).

8. Strip the White Wire on the Linxup GPS tracking device.

9. Connect the White Wire on the Linxup GPS device to the vehicles Ignition Wire. This connection allows the Linxup GPS tracking device to report ignition OFF and ON events.

10. Using Velcro strips or plastic zip ties as appropriate, secure the device under the vehicle dash with the label that reads (Label Side Down) facing down.

Confirm the Power Connection.

Following installation, allow 5-10 minutes for the Linxup GPS tracking device to power up and obtain a Cellular and GPS fix. Use the LED indicators to ensure that you have good GPS and Cellular signals.

Your Installation is Complete.

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Now Have Better Route Planning With Linxup Fleet Tracking Devices!

Being in a business that relies on timely deliveries, efficient route planning and transit is critical to profitability. Knowing the shortest and traditionally fastest routes is always a massive asset to have at your disposal, but it does not always equate efficiency. That is where Linxup GPS Fleet Tracking Device`s new real time traffic overlays on Google Maps feature come into play. Real-time traffic means better route planning. When you have access to real time traffic data, you gain an immediate advantage over those using traditional GPS and gain better insight into the best routes for your drivers and team members to take.
Visit www.linxup.com to know more about Linxup GPS Fleet Tracking Devices and the its featuers that can help your business grow.

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LinxUp GPS Vehicle Tracking Device adds a new feature: Traffic Overlay

Now available on the LinxUp GPS tracking software is a traffic overlay on the Google Map.  The traffic overlay will allow managers to see in real time where their LinxUp devices are and the current traffic situation, this will allow the manger to reroute a driver if necessary.  LinxUp continues to improve its tracking device software to help the user more efficiently run their business.

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LinxUp GPS Tracker Report Details: Mileage Report

LinxUp vehicle tracking has now added a mileage report. The LinxUp vehicle tracking system report will now have total miles driven and will be broken down to authorized vs unauthorized miles. The LinxUp car tracking report will rank driver based on total miles but can be filtered by authorized or unauthorized mileage.  The vehicle tracking mileage report also allows you to select a driver and see the details on how the vehicle was used for each day.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Devices Help to Avoid Car Theft

A vehicle is stolen about every 20 minutes in the United States. The odds are highest in urban areas. To avoid vehicle theft, many vehicles today come straight from the factory with some built-in security measures. However, police authorities recommend that drivers use additional layers of protection such as a GPS Fleet Tracking device.

Some vehicles attract thieves more than others. Cars and trucks that aren’t equipped with GPS tracking devices are easy targets for car thieves. Once stolen, a car may never be recovered. At Linxup, we’ve seen a number of customers quickly locate and recover stolen vehicles through the power of the Linxup GPS Fleet Tracking solution.

Linxup GPS tracking devices allows you to locate a stolen vehicle within minutes. It can give the location of your vehicle instantly thereby significantly improving the chances of your vehicle recovery.

Visit Linxup.com today to learn more about Linxup GPS vehicle tracking device and its features.

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Linxup Fleet Tracking Devices Reports Version 2.0

Linxup is excited to announce the launch of version 2.0 of powerful GPS fleet tracking reports. The reports developed from the feedback of our users, and we believe they bring a great new set of easy-to-use reports that allow users to get right to the data they need.

Linxup reports give users insights on the driving behaviors and activities of each driver in their fleet. Reports include mileage driven, speeding and unauthorized usage. The new reports launched on April 6th and give users an intuitive dashboard view to the data. The reports also allow users to download data directly from the system into Excel or other tools.

If you’re new to Linxup, learn more by visiting our Web site. We are the most affordable, and easy-to-use fleet tracking device solution on the market today.

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LinxUp Tracking System for Cars Part 3 or 3 Alerts

LinxUp GPS Tracking Devices have four important alerts: Speeding, Tamper, Idle, and Unauthorized use.

Speeding Alert– You can set speed thresholds and if a LinxUp vehicle tracking device exceeds it you can be alert via text message or email.

Tamper Alert– The LinxUp GPS tracker will always have power, but if the device is unplugged and plugged back in you will receive a tamper alert

Idle Alert– If a vehicle that has a LinxUp GPS Tracking system installed in it idles for more than 3 minutes you will be alerted

Unauthorized Use Alert– LinxUp Instant Vehicle tracking system allows you to set up an authorized use schedule and if a vehicle is used outside of the threshold an alert is sent.

Click Here to watch a video overview of the different Linxup GPS tracking alerts.

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LinxUp GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Now as Low as $119.99 and $19.99 a Month!

LinxUp GPS Vehicle/Fleet Trackers are now offering a 2 year contract option, which drops the vehicle tracking device down to $119.99 and $19.99 a month. LinxUp fleet tracking device is also offering a 1 year contract option, which will drop the GPS vehicle tracking device down to $134.99 and $22.49 a month. LinxUp vehicle tracking system still offers the fleet tracking device with no contract for $149.99 and $24.99 a month.

Visit Linxup.com and order one today!

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LinxUp GPS Fleet Tracker Features Part 2 of 3 Geofences

LinxUp Instant Vehicle Tracking allows you to define an area on the map that you would like to be alerted when your vehicle tracking device enters or leaves called a geofence.  You can be alerted if your GPS tracker breaches a fence via email or text message.

Click here to watch a video overview of GPS tracking and geofences.

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LinxUp GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Device Features Part 1 of 3- GPS Tracking

LinxUp real time gps fleet tracking is viewed on a Google map, which allows you to view your GPS tracker on 4 different map types: Street, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. The LinxUp fleet tracking system allows you to monitor the vehicles stop location and duration.  You can track a single vehicle or an entire fleet with the LinxUp GPS trackers.

Click here to view a video demo on GPS location tracking

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GPS Car Trackers and New Teen Drivers

Do you have a new teen driver, and are you worried where they go and how they’re driving? A GPS car tracking device is the perfect solution. With a solution such as the MOTOSafety GPS Car Tracker, you not only get a great sense of where they are, but you also get a system and a powerful daily report card that reports on unsafe driving behavior such as braking, speeding and fast acceleration. This MOTOSafety teen tracking device is perfect for parents to monitor their new teen driver’s driving behavior. Check out the MOTOsafety GPS personal tracking system today!

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Fleet Tracking Devices – You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Keeping track of employees driving your company vehicle(s) can be a painful task. But GPS fleet tracking devices allows you a deep look into how employees are utilizing company assets. Inefficiencies, less than optimal operations and waste comes in many forms, and GPS fleet tracking software can give you clear facts to use when addressing them, including:

– Excessive Idle Times
– Moonlighting
– Poor Driver Routing
– Speeding and Unsafe Driving Practices
– Personal or Unauthorized Vehicle Use
– False or Exaggerated Time Sheets
– Late Workday Starts / Excessive Lunch Breaks
– Theft of Company Assets
– Gasoline Theft
– Liability Risks

Click here to know more about Linxup Fleet Tracking Devices and how they can help monitor your fleet.

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Linxup GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Devices- Affordable, Reliable, Easy to Install

People are often unaware that it isn’t necessary to buy an expensive car or truck to own a GPS vehicle tracking device. Small portable units like Linxup are available that can be plugged into the OBD II port in any car. The unit is compact and can be easily installed within 30 seconds. Seems unrealistic, check our installation video to see yourself. So, that means you need not to be a trained technician to install and start using it. On top of it, Linxup vehicle tracking devices come at an attractive price tag of $149.99/ only. So what are you waiting for, order Linxup vehicle tracking device for you today and start tracking your car within seconds.

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Fleet Tracking Devices – Helping to Reduce Fuel Expenses

We talk to a lot of folks at companies using fleet tracking devices to improve their operational efficiency. One way very smart way we see fleet tracking devices being put to use is as a means of reducing overall fuel usage. These companies are reducing their fuel consumption by monitoring the idle time of each truck and driver. If they can reduce idling time, they can reduce their fuel usage. It’s an idea that works, and that makes sense.

The math on savings is pretty simple. Let’s look at a scenario. Here’s a simple calculation for a fleet of 10 trucks:


Number of Trucks: 10

Size of Gas Tank:  20 Gallons

Avg. Number of Tanks Used Per Month: 4

Cost Per Gallon of Gas: $3.50


For this operator, the total monthly fuel cost equals (10 X 20 X 4 X $3.50). That’s $2,800 in fuel costs per month. By monitoring idle usage, we’ve seen companies reduce their fuel consumption significantly. Let’s assume just a 20% reduction in fuel use. That adds up to $560 per month. When you consider the monthly cost of the Linxup Fleet Tracking Device is just $24.95 per month, total month cost for the fleet is $249.50. By reducing fuel costs, the company generates monthly net savings of $310.50. That’s monthly savings just from fuel reduction without taking into account any of the other Linxup benefits such as GPS tracking, unauthorized usage management and more. Isn’t it time you consider a fleet tracking device solution? It’s an idea that makes good dollars and sense. Check out Linxup.com today to learn more.

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LinxUp Vehicle Tracking Device Now with 2 Months Free

Looking for a real-time GPS vehicle Tracker? Now is the time to act. For a limited time only, LinxUp GPS Trackers are offering a year-end sale that gives you Two Months of Free Service for every Linxup GPS tracking device you order. That’s a $50 savings!

Act now and don’t delay, because this offer won’t last long. Order Today!





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5 Reasons to Invest in Fleet Tracking Devices

Companies large and small increasingly are looking to the power of GPS Fleet Tracking Devices to monitor and increase operational efficiencies for the vehicles they operate. Over the last couple of years, the prices for solutions such as Linxup have dropped considerably putting these solutions in reach of more and more companies. If you are trying to decide whether or not now is the time to deploy a solution using GPS Fleet Tracking Devices, we give you five reasons to invest today:

  1. GPS Tracking saves you money. Features such as the ability to monitor miles driven, gas used in idling and reducing off-hour unauthorized use mean real dollars and cents.
  2. Fleet Tracking Devices make your drivers safer. Linxup monitors unsafe driving behaviors such as harsh braking and rapid acceleration. These “high g-force events” are a key indicator of an increased risk of accidents. Identifying your drivers most at risk allows you to provide coaching to reduce the risk.
  3. It’s easy to deploy. In the past, GPS Fleet Tracking Devices required expensive and time-consuming installations. Today’s units plug directly into the vehicle’s OBDC port or can be wired in place with a simple three wire process that takes minutes.
  4. There are no contracts. The Linxup GPS Tracking solution is inexpensive and requires no long-term contracts or commitments.
  5. GPS Tracking makes your business more efficient. We have literally hundreds of stories of ways in which companies are leveraging the Linxup GPS solution to make their business run more smoothly. You can dispatch workers based on their proximity to the next job. Provide navigation assistance and much more.

The time is right for GPS Fleet Tracking Devices. Visit Linxup.com today to learn more and set yourself on the road to a powerful GPS Tracking solution.

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LinxUp Fleet Tracking History

LinxUp was created by Agilis Systems (www.agilissystems.com) who specializes in custom mobile workforce management tools for large enterprise customers. Agilis who has been around since 2004 has heard over the years that companies large and small want to be able to GPS track their company vehicles and monitor the employee’s activity throughout the day. Agilis knew there was a demand for an affordable GPS tracking device and that’s how LinxUp was created. LinxUp real time vehicle tracking devices is a quick and easy solution that satisfies the needs of small and large companies by letting they know at all time where their company vehicles are located. The LinxUp vehicle tracking solution includes the data plan in the monthly service fee and has no contract or activation fee making LinxUp GPS trackers a great solution for any size company.

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Did LinxUp Fleet Tracking really help the Cardinals get to the World Series?

It’s a curious question, and the short answer is – No. But LinxUp IS a great way to GPS track company vehicles. The whole team here at LinxUp real time vehicle trackers wants to send out a big congratulations to our home town St. Louis Cardinals for making it to the World Series. Now, not only does LinxUp provide a great GPS vehicle tracking solution for companies with one vehicle to 100+ vehicles, we also have a leading Major League Baseball team. Linxup allows managers to log into their own web portal and see in real time where their vehicles currently are and where they have traveled throughout the day. Linxup provides two solutions a simple plug in version for light to medium duty vehicles 1996 and newer: http://www.linxup.com/pricing.html and a hard wired version for any type or year vehicle: http://www.linxup.com/linxuphd.html. So what are you waiting for, get your Linxup tracking solution in place today, and let’s go Cards!

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Fleet Tracking Devices – Do you know where your vehicles are?

Tracking an entire fleet of vehicles can be difficult for any business owner. From taxi cab dispatchers
to limousine drivers, more businesses are turning to vehicle tracking to ensure the job is getting done.
With technology advancements, GPS vehicle tracking makes it possible to not only see where each vehicle is located, but it can now monitor idling, speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration, and even unauthorized use.
Through the use of GPS, Fleet and vehicle tracking is an easy and cost efficient way to verify the proper
use of company property. Company owners are starting to take full advantage of these new devices
and using them to improve their businesses. Installing GPS fleet tracking devices into company vehicles
makes sense for any industry that uses cars or trucks on a wide scale.

Linxup GPS tracker solution delivers an in-vehicle, GPS tracking solution without expensive hardware. Check Linxup Website for detailed features and pricing.

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Win a free month of LinxUp Fleet Tracking Service

LinxUp vehicle tracking is always looking for ways to improve the quality of the product and who better to ask then the end user, so LinxUp GPS vehicle tracker is offering a free month of service to anyone who suggests a great new idea that is used in the LinxUp car tracking service. Just suggest an idea and if the idea is added to the LinxUp GPS tracking service you’ll be notified that you’ve won a free month of GPS tracking from LinxUp.

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LinxUp Instant Fleet Tracking Device is Now Available on Ebay!

Linxup On EbayThe LinxUp GPS vehicle tracker is now available for purchase on Ebay. The LinxUp real time GPS vehicle tracking device is perfect for any fleet manager wanting to know where their employees are and have been throughout the day. The GPS fleet tracking device will alert a manager of excessive idling, speeding and unauthorized use.

LinxUp car tracker is a great way for a parent with a new teen driver to monitor their teens driving behaviors while they are new drivers. The GPS teen tracking device will let a parent know when the child has exceeded a certain speed threshold and notify them when the vehicle has arrived or left a specific location.

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10 Companies that Use GPS’s to Track Employees

Many companies have found that using GPS to track their company vehicles and employees is a useful tool for saving time and money. They no longer need to rely on employees calling in with their location to know exactly where they are at any given time. GPS tracking isn’t necessary for every company, but for some businesses it’s absolutely crucial. Here are 10 companies that use GPS’s to track their employees.

  1. Trucking – Large trucking companies have tracking devices installed on all their vehicles to monitor them at all times. This helps ensure that deliveries are made on time and that their drivers are using the most efficient routes. They can also determine if their drivers are staying within the speed limits.
  2. Law enforcement – It’s critical for law enforcement to know where their vehicles and personnel are at all times. When a crime is called in, they know instantly who is in closest proximity so they can be dispatched more quickly. GPS tracking is often used to file reports and conduct investigations.
  3. Construction – Many construction companies have numerous company vehicles used by their employees. They need to know that their vehicles are used for company business and not for personal uses. They also want to make sure their employees are where they’re supposed to be when they’re on the job.
  4. Taxi service – Dispatchers for taxi companies use GPS to know where their vehicles are so they can get the most efficient use of them. The time and miles between fares is greatly reduced and also keeps their drivers honest.
  5. Utilities – Companies that have field service workers like telecommunications and power companies also use GPS tracking on their vehicles. This makes it easier to keep track of their workers, especially those who have large service areas.
  6. Fleet owners – Any company that has a large fleet of vehicles, such as plumbers and electricians, need to track them on a regular basis. They have a lot of money invested in their fleet and want to make sure employees aren’t misusing their equipment.
  7. Sales – Businesses with field sales professionals use GPS to get driving directions and implement last minute itinerary changes. This saves time and increases productivity of their sales staff.
  8. Delivery service – Any business that delivers anything from flowers to packages needs to use GPS tracking to improve efficiency. Drivers no longer need to rely on incorrect or vague directions to make deliveries and owners know where their employees and vehicles are at all times.
  9. Transit – Whether its airplanes, buses or trains, transit companies rely on GPS to make sure they are on schedule. They also have automated systems that announce upcoming stops and inform passengers of the vehicles route number and destination.
  10. Limousines – Even the hospitality industry has found the value of using GPS for tracking their limousine services. This improves customer service and ensures navigable routes for their oversized vehicles.

Employees of these companies have expressed privacy concerns about these tracking devices, but most are unwarranted. Businesses have every right to protect their assets and prohibit employee fraud and abuse. The cost of the GPS tracking system is far outweighed by savings to the company. Employees must be informed of the tracking policies up front and know they will be held accountable for any misconduct. GPS tracking gives employers a useful and cost effective tool to manage their fleets and workers efficiently and effectively.

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Fleet Tracking Devices Use OBD II Port. Whats Is It?

To start OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. It all started with the OBD I which was created to promote a reliable emissions control systems, mainly for states such as California. There was never standardized and reliable emissions information and that was the reason the program never lasted. In 1996 all cars sold in the United States were required to have the new and improved OBD port call the OBDII. The new OBD port has a standardized series of diagnostic codes for trouble shooting the vehicles problem. This easily allows a mechanic to diagnose and fix the vehicles problem. The LinxUp vehicle tracking device benefits from the 1996 OBD mandate because it is made to fit in the OBDII port, which makes the LinxUp GPS tracker able to fit in any light to medium duty vehicle 1996 and newer.  The LinxUp GPS car tracking device couldn’t be easier to install, once the OBDII port is located (reference the owners manual) it just plugs right in. When the vehicle is on the LinxUp GPS vehicle tracking device will track every minute, giving you real time GPS tracking.

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LinxUp Instant Fleet Tracking Devices Now On Facebook and Twitter

 “Like” the LinxUp vehicle tracking Facebook page to keep up with everything about the GPS vehicle tracking device. Recommend the LinxUp GPS tracking device Facebook page to any of your friends thatcould benefit from a simple self install real time GPS tracking device. You can also follow the LinxUp GPS trackers Twitter page @linxuptracking; it can help you stay current with all the news and features from the LinxUp GPS fleet tracking devices.


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GPS – The Technology Behind Linxup Fleet Tracking Devices

Global Positioning System is a network of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth two times a day. GPS receivers such as the LinxUp car tracking device take in this information and use triangulation to calculate the exact location of the LinxUp GPS tracking device.

How does GPS work?

GPS location is measured by the distance between the satellites and the LinxUp GPS tracker. A LinxUp real time GPS tracking device needs three satellites to calculate a position and track movement in the LinxUp web portal. Once a GPS signal is acquired the LinxUp vehicle tracking device, it can report speed, route taken, current location, harsh braking and fast acceleration.

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LinxUp GPS Tracking Devices Adds a New Safety Feature

Linxup Helps Track Reckless DrivingLinxUp real time gps tracking can track idling, speeding, unauthorized use and now has the ability to track harsh braking and fast acceleration. Since the LinxUp GPS tracker now has the ability to track reckless driving habits companies can increase the life of their vehicles.  The LinxUp GPS vehicle tracking device gives managers and owners a great coaching tool backed up by GPS data to be able to improve their fleets all around performance and safety. The LinxUp vehicle tracking system is available online at www.linxup.com or on Amazon

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LinxUp GPS Fleet Tracker Now Available on Amazon

The LinxUp GPS tracker is now available for purchase on Amazon. The LinxUp real time GPS tracking device is perfect for any fleet manager wanting to know where their employees are and have been throughout the day. The fleet tracking device will alert a manager of excessive idling, speeding and unauthorized use.Linxup now available on Amazon.com

LinxUp car tracker is a great way for a parent with a new teen driver to monitor their teens driving behaviors while they are new drivers. The teen tracking device will let a parent know when the child has exceeded a certain speed threshold and notify them when the vehicle has arrived or left a specific location.

Click Here to buy Linxup on Amazon

For more info on Fleet tracking visit: www.linxup.com

For more info on teen tracking visit: teentracker.linxup.com/

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Why You Should Consider Linxup GPS Fleet/Vehicle Tracking Solution!

Linxup GPS tracker solution delivers an in-vehicle, GPS tracking solution without expensive hardware. Here are some of the key highlights that will for sure make you consider Linxup GPS Tracking Solutions.

LinxUp GPS Tracking Device Can Greatly Reduce Fuel Costs

  • Eliminate wasteful idling
  • Reduce speeding
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Eliminate unnecessary routes
  • Find the nearest driver
  • View instant ROI calculations through the Linxup report dashboards

LinxUp GPS Trackers Reduce Capital Costs by 75%

  • No expensive hardware
  • No external antennae
  • No special cables
  • No hardware installation costs
  • No special software or servers

LinxUp Real Time GPS Tracking Increases Driver Productivity

  • Verify current and historical vehicle location
  • View locations for start/end of day
  • Determine date/time of arrival/departure from specific locations
  • Find closest driver

LinxUp Vehicle Tracking Is A Simple, Affordable Solution

  • No complicated hardware installation
  • Device plugs under your dash into the OBD II port
  • (available on all light to medium duty vehicles manufactured after 1996)
  • No expensive monthly data plan
  • Low monthly Linxup service fee

Linxup GPS Tracking Features

  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • GPS Tracking every 60 seconds
  • Speed, Idle and Mileage monitoring
  • Driver location history viewable on a map
  • Geofencing
  • Unauthorized usage alerts
  • Tamper alert
  • ROI dashboards
  • Management through your Web browser
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LinxUp Introduces A Solution For Teen Vehicle Tracking

LinxUp is not only a GPS vehicle tracker for businesses but is also a way for parents to monitor where their teens drive on a daily basis. Here are a few quick stats on parents with teen drivers:

  • 88% of parents worry about their teen getting in an accidentLinxup Teen Tracking
  • 95% of parents believe it’s their responsibility to teach their teen driver safety
  • 57% of parents wish they had more time to teach their teen to drive safely

LinxUp provides a way for parents to always know where their teens are and where they travel with LinxUp GPS vehicle trackers.

Parents can receive user-defined alerts for risky driving behavior such as:

  • Speeding
  • Late night use
  • Location arrivals and departures

Would a driver scorecard that shows harsh braking/acceleration, speeding, and how your teen compared to other teens using the system make you more likely to buy the LinxUp personal GPS tracking device?

Please leave us any input on what you would want to see added to the LinxUp car tracking devices and visit http://teentracker.linxup.com/ for more information.

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5 Ways LinxUp GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracker Will Reduce Your Fuel Bill

1. Idle Alerts- Put a stop to excessive idle the second you receive an alert. GPS history gives you the ability to see where and when the excessive idling occurred, allowing managers to cut out idling at lunch or to start the day. Anytime the LinxUp GPS tracking devices are stationary while the vehicle is on its considered an idle alert.
2. Routes- Makes sure employees are taking the assigned or most efficient route to the job. Geofence areas such as employee homes or areas they are not suppose to go to be alerted when the LinxUp GPS tracker enters the fence and is off route.
3. Speeding- Driving faster than 60mph causes fuel efficiency to drop an additional 10% for each 5MPH over 60MPH. LinxUp GPS tracker can send an alert each time the user defined speeding threshold is exceeded.
4. Emergency Job- If an emergency job pops up in the middle of the day the dispatcher with the help of the real time LinxUp vehicle tracking device can find the closest vehicle to the job.
5. Unauthorized Use- Anytime the LinxUp GPS tracker is moving after a defined set of work hours it is consider unauthorized and the mileage is tracked. The LinxUp vehicle tracking device prevents unnecessary fuel to be burned on non-business related jobs.

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LinxUp – the Instant GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Solution now works with both Android and iPhones

Linxup Works With Android & IphoneGreat news for Linxup GPS tracking users – all the capabilities of the LinxUp GPS vehicle tracking portal including GPS history, alerts, and reporting are now available to be viewed on Android and iPhones. Our most recent update allows any vehicle equipped with the LinxUp GPS tracker to be monitored anywhere directly through your smartphone. This expansion of the LinxUp GPS tracker system lets on-the-go business owners monitor their vehicles. And for parents and users of the LinxUp teen tracker solution, they can check in on their teen any time or place they have their phone. We’re excited about this new expansion of the Linxup feature set. We hope you will be too.

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Why Aren’t You Using GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking?

Ok, so here’s the question. GPS vehicle tracking provides great benefits for a company. Using a GPS tracker you can:

  • GPS Tracking Benefits
  • Create better accountability for your drivers whereabouts and activities.
  • Reduce aggressive and reckless driving behaviors.
  • Make your service operations more efficient.
  • Reduce fuel usage and save money.

So if you’ve considered GPS tracking, but then decided not to pursue it, we want to know why? What are the biggest reasons for not using this powerful tool? Let’s see those comments.


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Six Reasons in-vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking Devices Trump Using Cell Phones for GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking - LinxupFor many years if a company wanted to track their employees at a reasonable cost the only solution was to track the employee through their cell phone. While using a cell phone for GPS tracking is a workable solution, there are a number of limitations and challenges that make it problematic. An in-vehicle GPS tracking device such as Linxup provides a solution that addresses these shortcomings at a very affordable price.

Here are six reasons in-vehicle GPS tracking devices are a better solution than using cell phones:

1. Battery drain. When you use GPS tracking on a cell phone more than twice an hour, you can easily drain the phone battery before a normal work day ends. No battery = no tracking.

a) LinxUp GPS tracks the vehicle once a minute when the vehicle is on and even when the vehicle is off. Even with tracking a vehicle once a minute the vehicle battery never negatively impacted.

2. They can turn it off. If an employee turns off the GPS setting on their phone, or if they power their phone down, you cannot track their location.

a) If you opt for the LinxUp GPS wired solution, you can hard wire the GPS tracking device into the vehicle under the dash. This prevents someone from tampering with the device and disabling tracking.

3. Track the vehicle, not the phone. If you are concerned with driving habits and vehicle usage, an in-vehicle device is the best approach. A cell phone tracks where the phone is at, not where the vehicle is located.

a) The LinxUp GPS tracker is always in the vehicle, it can’t be left at home or turned off. And with real-time GPS tracking, Linxup even can help you to recover a stolen vehicle.

4. No calls to your IT person. Phone-based GPS tracking solutions are prone to software and device complications. Maybe a user can’t get the software installed. Maybe the software doesn’t work with their type of phone.

a) Using LinxUp’s in-vehicle solution removes this hurdle. The Linxup GPS tracker plugs into the ODBCII port of any light to medium duty vehicles 1996 and newer. And the LinxUp wired GPS tracking device works for any type of vehicle. It simply and it just works.

5. Avoid expensive data plans. Cell phone GPS tracking requires you to carry an expensive data plan in order for the solution to work.

a) LinxUp GPS tracking devices have the data plan already included, so you don’t have to worry about overage charges or finding a reasonably priced data provider.

6. No contracts. Cell phones require long, expensive contracts.

a) LinxUp real time GPS tracking devices require no contract or activation fees and is a month-to-month service.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable way to monitor your fleet or vehicles, please visit http://www.linxup.com, or if you are looking for personal or teen GPS tracking visit Linxup Teen Tracking.

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Effective Time Management Through GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Good business owners know the value of having the right tools to do the right job at the right time. If you want to make a profit and remain in business, you have to invest in the right tools. Inexpensive GPS tracking devices are just such a tool, and many organizations don’t realize the savings and efficiencies use of GPS tracking can provide.Effective Time Management Through GPS Tracking Devices.jpg

Here are a few of the key benefits businesses can recognize through GPS vehicle tracking:

Reducing Fuel Bills. Bad driving habits such as leaving a vehicle idling at a job site can lead greatly increase fuel usage. Devices such as the Linxup GPS tracking device alert you to these types of wasteful driving habits.

Quickly Locating Workers. Appointments and schedules often change at the last minute. Being able to locate your drivers quickly can allow you to direct the closest and most appropriate worker to a job.

Eliminating Unauthorized Usage. Do you know where your vehicles are over the weekend or after hours? GPS tracking ensures that your company vehicles are only used during company time.

Check out the GPS vehicle tracking devices pioneered by Linxup, a renowned GPS vehicle tracking company. Linxup vehicle tracking devices offers huge potential at a super attractive price. Be sure to check out how the Linxup GPS fleet tracking solution can help you to achieve effective time management and save you money today.

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Fleet Management & GPS Tracking

GPS fleet tracking utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor and track vehicles in a fleet management company. To track the vehicle’s precise location, a GPS module is installed in each vehicle. The modules can also monitor a wide variety of vehicle information including speed, engine start up and shut down, routes and idling.

The information from each vehicle is then often transmitted to a remote user. Depending on the GPS fleet tracking system used, remote users can view maps of vehicle locations and routes or access available reports on vehicle status via the Internet or specialized software.

Business owners, fleet managers and dispatchers commonly use GPS fleet tracking to improve fleet routing and expedite dispatching. In addition, GPS can be used to monitor unwanted driver behaviour, reduce fuel consumption, prevent theft and provide various operational efficiencies. Many businesses find that these various cost-cutting benefits of GPS fleet tracking outweigh any costs for the system.

Linxup goes beyond traditional GPS fleet tracking to provide a variety of customizable manager reports that give managers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their fleet in the field. Linxup offers highly affordable and effective GPS tracking solution that marries the GPS tracking device with powerful Web-based software that shows you your workers location in real time on a map. There also are insightful reports that are helping companies to save gas costs, monitor their workers and reduce unauthorized use.

GPS fleet tracking has gained wide-spread popularity and is quickly emerging as an essential business tool in the United States. Contact Linxup Today to know how helpful Linxup Fleet Tracking Solutions are in streamlining and improving your fleet management operations in ways never imagined.

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The Power of Pairing Linxup GPS Fleet Tracking with IFTA Reporting

GPS Tracking & IFTS ReportingIf you run a trucking company, then you are probably familiar with the ins and outs of the IFTA reporting requirements. At Linxup, we created a powerful GPS vehicle tracking solution, but we take it one step further with our IFTA reporting integration that leverages the power of Promiles, the industry’s leading IFTA reporting solution.

When you use the Linxup GPS tracking device, the Linxup system automatically collects mileage data from each of your Linxup tracking devices. The solution is approved by all U.S. State Department of Transportation (DOT) offices. You can report toll versus no-toll miles, and you have the ability to select vehicles and your report type.

If you are looking for a powerful GPS tracking solution, Linxup makes it easy and affordable. Learn more by visiting our Linxup Heavy Duty GPS Tracker information page and learn more about IFTA reporting.


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Fleet Tracking Devices Helping Companies Save Money

Fleet Tracking Devices Save Companies MoneyWith gas at $4.00 a gallon the cost to operate fleets of vehicles or even just a couple of company vehicles has taken on a new urgency. Companies are looking to save pennies in anyway they can. Fortunately, the ever decreasing price of fleet tracking devices coupled with powerful Web-based fleet management software is giving companies large and small a great way to tackle this issue.

Using fleet tracking devices such as the Linxup GPS tracking device allows companies to monitor the driving habits of their drivers. Powerful features such as the ability to identify drivers who are excessively speeding or idling allow fleet managers to take a proactive stance. Today’s fleet tracking devices are low cost, easy to install and don’t require huge upfront capital investments. The savings from reducing fuel consumption alone pay for the devices in a couple of months.

Smart managers are adopting gps fleet tracking devices at an increasing rate. Be sure to check out how the Linxup GPS fleet tracking solution can save you money today.


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New GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions are Allowing Smaller Companies To Take Advantage of GPS Tracking

It wasn’t that long ago that only large companies with fleets of vehicles could leverage the power of GPS vehicle tracking. The cost of GPS tracking devices, expensive and time consuming equipment installation and the complexity of the systems meant only large organizations could reap the benefits of GPS tracking. But, as they say, the times are changing. New, inexpensive GPS tracking devices coupled with powerful, and easy-to-use Web-based software is opening the door to GPS tracking for companies of all sizes. The Linxup tracking solution is at the forefront of this new GPS tracking wave.Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracking

Linxup provides affordable, low-cost GPS Tracking Devices for use in cars, trucks and other vehicles. The Linxup system is one of the easiest to use Fleet Tracking system in the market with tracking devices that simply plug in under the dashboard. With the Linxup GPS tracking solution, companies can track their vehicles and workers for less than a $1 per day. And the cost savings generated from using the system pays for itself in short order.

Through the use of the Linxup GPS tracking solution, companies are reducing fuel costs, tracking the time workers spend at different job sites, and monitoring reckless driver behavior. For companies with workers in the field, most say simply being able to tell where a worker is at without making multiple phone calls or working to track them down is worth the modest investment. GPS vehicle tracking from Linxup is poised to continue helping smaller businesses operate more efficiently, effectively, and competitively against larger firms.

Linxup GPS vehicle tracking has truly come into its own where small business is concerned. Contact us today to learn more about Linxup fleet tracking options and the benefits it provides.



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Linxup GPS Tracking Devices are Increasing Sales for Nfuse Direct Sales Teams

Linxup GPS Tracking Devices Increases Sales For Nfuse Direct Sales TeamNfuse Direct, a St. Louis-based direct sales company, is increasing their daily sales by using Linxup GPS tracking devices to monitor the performance and activity of the company’s sales reps in the field. Linxup GPS tracking devices, are a key new, low-cost GPS tracking solution from Agilis Systems, a St. Louis-based provider of mobile GPS and workforce management solutions.

“We are big fans of the Linxup GPS tracking devices,” explains Jeff Haarmann, Sales Vice President at Nfuse Direct, LLC. “We send our sales teams out in vans each day to our different sales markets. Using Linxup GPS tracking, we are able to monitor when our teams hit the field and how long they are actively selling.”

Haarmann continues, “Recently, we were seeing a significant difference in the daily sales totals between our New York sales teams and our Ohio sales teams. Generally, Ohio had 50-75 sales on board before the New York team even got started. The New York vans were leaving at an appropriate time, but by reviewing the GPS data from the Linxup solution with the sales manager, I was able to show him that the teams were wasting a ton of time before they actually began selling. By applying that simple insight, we have seen sales in the New York market jump and they now match Ohio. The Linxup system is making more money for our reps, more money for Nfuse and more money for our client.”

The success of the NFuse Direct team is just one example from a host of companies who are finding the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking using the Linxup solution. Linxup tracking devices are affordable devices that simply plug under the dash of cars and trucks and include built in cellular capabilities. GPS tracking is becoming a must-have element for businesses with vehicles and workers in the field. Learn more at http://www.linxup.com.

About Linxup GPS Tracking Solutions:
Linxup GPS tracking solutions are powered by Agilis Systems LLC, a St. Louis-based provider of mobile software solutions that include comprehensive fleet, asset, and workflow management solutions. By uniquely combining key technologies, Agilis elevates customers to the highest level of mobile productivity and customer service, while dramatically reducing costs.

About NFuse Direct, LLC:
NFuse Direct is a direct sales and marketing company based out of St. Louis, MO. It is a subsidiary of C4 Connections, LLC and a member of the Gilead Group portfolio of companies. For more information about NFuse Direct, please visit our Web site at http://www.nfusedirect.com or visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/nfdirect.


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Low Cost GPS Fleet Tracking Devices Reducing Costs for Businesses

Linxup Low Cost Fleet Tracking Devices Reduces Cost For Small BusinessesIn the last several years, GPS tracking devices have become much more affordable for small and mid-size businesses. The new adoption is being driven by a new class of low-cost GPS tracking devices that offer a variety of real time GPS tracking operations. The low-cost, easy to use Linxup GPS Tracking device is at the forefront of this new location-based revolution. Companies that could never afford GPS tracking for their company cars, service trucks or fleets of vehicles now see GPS vehicle tracking as a viable option.

Today’s GPS tracking devices are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Installation of the Linxup device is as simple as plugging the device into the OBDII port, a port that is standard on all cars and small to medium size trucks manufactured since 1996. With built-in cellular capabilities and bundled data plans, the devices make GPS vehicle tracking setup a snap.

Linxup offers highly affordable and effective GPS tracking solution that marries the GPS tracking device with powerful Web-based software that shows you your workers location in real time on a map. There also are insightful reports that are helping companies to save gas costs, monitor their workers and reduce unauthorized use.

Contact us today to learn more about the GPS tracking device from Linxup that suits best to your needs and budget.


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Online Ordering Enabled For Linxup GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Solution

Now Order Linxup GPS Tracking Devices OnlineLinxup, a leading provider of GPS Tracking devices and software, enabled online order feature for its affordable and easy-to-use GPS Tracking devices for personal as well as business users. Linxup’s low-cost GPS tracking devices have become more accessible for personal tracking uses and for smaller businesses. Our online ordering solution facilitates these kinds of orders.


Personal users are buying the real time GPS tracking devices including the GPS car tracker for GPS tracking teen drivers and the elderly. From personal GPS tracking devices to GPS fleet tracking for light to medium vehicles to heavy duty vehicle tracking, Linxup has something to meet all needs. Contact us today to learn how Linxup GPS tracking can help you to meet your daily real time GPS tracking needs.


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